WATCH: Tesla's R80-billion Gigafactory goes viral

WATCH: Tesla's R80-billion Gigafactory goes viral

Elon Musk and his big plans are making news yet again...

Tesla X SUV

Tesla's massive factory in Berlin, Germany, broke the internet recently with a trending video. The video was shot using a drone and showed the different parts of the factory.

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The factory opening follows the company's net worth announcement of $1-trillion in late 2021 and is meant to take production weight off of the other factories in the United States and China. 

Tesla's Gigafactory is based in Europe because governments are phasing out full combustion engine cars and opting for electric vehicles.

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The factory plans to manufacture half a million vehicles per year, starting with 2,000 cars in a few weeks. 

Watch the video below:

Image: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

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