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LISTEN: Rian puts two Mandarin high school learners to the test

Mandarin has been described as one of the most difficult languages to learn - but that is not the case for these two Pretoria-based teenagers.

Andre Petersen and Ntsatsi Mabokano
Andre Petersen and Ntsatsi Mabokano / Jacaranda FM.

Have you been interested in learning Mandarin?

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André Petersen and Ntsatsi Mabokano are both matriculants at the Pretoria Chinese School, where Mandarin is a compulsory subject.

Petersen joined the Chinese school from Grade R, a school both his older brother and sister also attended. He says it was coincidental that he went to the school. Mabokano's choice to take Mandarin as a subject was based on her parents that heard about China’s growing economy. They felt it would be great and in her best interest to study Mandarin.

But how good is their Mandarin, actually?  

Rian decided to test their skills by making them order Chinese takeaways in Mandarin, listen to their hilarious attempt:

Did the learners get what they ordered?

How would you rate their Mandarin skills? 

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