Make My Monday: New bicycles for siblings after a break-in

Make My Monday: New bicycles for siblings after a break-in

With the help of Goldwagen, the Scenic Drive team was able to surprise three kids with brand new bicycles after theirs were stolen during a break-in. 


The Scenic Drive team received a letter from Stefan du Plooy asking for help to surprise his daughters this Christmas. 

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"My name is Stefan du Plooy and I would love for you to Make My Monday, we'll actually my girls'. I have three girls aged 13, 11 and my baby girl turning two on 4 December.

"So, what I really want for them, as they gave me their Christmas wishlist is bicycles. Their bicycles were all stolen a while ago and I know I won't be able to buy them again as I only have a project job as a safety officer.

"It would really make such a wonderful gift and they can enjoy it again to be outdoors."

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Compliments of Goldwagen

Goldwagen gladly donated R15,000 for the three bicycles for the girls. 

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