The Queen's Lady-in-Waiting gave Trump an unforgettable handshake

The Queen's Lady-in-Waiting gave Trump an unforgettable handshake

Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie and the Queen of England's Lady-in-Waiting, surprised President Donald Trump with an iron handshake that he will not soon forget. 

countess ogilvy meets president trump
Metro/The Queen's Lady-in-Waiting greeted President Trump with a firm grip

President Donald Trump's visit to England on 13 July was well-documented, from protests to his meetings with the Prime Minister Theresa May. 

Over the weekend, news outlets covered various aspects of Trump's much-anticipated visit to the country, including the most mundane interactions. Like this one, between the US President and Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie and one of the Queen of England's Ladies in Waiting. 

The Countess seems enthusiastic about meeting the President, maintaining a tight hold on his hand and even appearing to pull him back towards her when he walks away. 

Observers online commented that Trump had met his match, as he is known for his iron-tight handshakes. A meeting between Trump and French president Emmanuel Macron reportedly left the former with white knuckles

Was the Countess that excited to meet the President, or was she exacting some kind of secret revenge on behalf of everyone who has had the misfortune of being gripped by Donald Trump?

We may never know what the two said to each other during the brief meeting, but it is amusing to see the President of the United States stumbling as an 85-year-old woman surprises him with the strength of her handshake. 

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