Kasi Mlungu shows us her moves - Loxion style!

Kasi Mlungu shows us her moves - Loxion style!

It's not everyday that you meet a white Afrikaans female who claims that she identifies more with black culture. Anita Ronge aka Kasi Mlungu joined us this morning and Thabiso Khambule gave her a few lessons on some kasi dancing. 

kasi mlungu in studio

Having made headlines over the last few weeks, Kasi Mlungu is one girl that feels that she is a black woman trapped inside a white persons body. As a DJ, she has played in a number of clubs, especially in townships and has gained a lot of attention in and around the community. 

Her music is part of her claim to fame and with music comes dancing. We decided that she needed some schooling on a few dance moves that will help her along the way. Thabiso Khambule knows a thing or two about kasi style dancing so he took the opportunity to teach Anita a few moves. 

Not too bad, Kasi Mlungu, not too bad! 

Missed all the action and the interview from this morning? We have it all waiting for your ears! 

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