Dad teaches his toddler technique to calm down

Dad teaches his toddler technique to calm down

This is just another reason why engaged and invested fathers absolutely RULE!

A father calms his toddler down with a calming palm trick
A father calms his toddler down with a calming palm trick/Instagram Screenshot/@LatterDayBaby

Tantrums and meltdowns are inevitable when you have kids. Honestly, many grown-ups have meltdowns and don't know how to calm themselves, so, how can we be inconsiderate to a child with big feelings, unaware of how to deal with things?

It's unjust, to say the least, but it is a part of life that we have to address in the calmest of ways, because handling a tantrum with the same energy rarely ever helps. 

You could say it's like trying to put a fire out with gasoline...

A mom shared a video of her husband (the tantrum whisperer) and how he is always able to calm their three-year-old down when she is experiencing a tantrum. 

After noticing his calming-down trick a few times, she wanted to share it with other parents. 

Her post on Instagram read: "My husband is so good with our kids. When they are having meltdowns he’s usually the one that takes over and gets them to calm down. About a month ago he taught this to our “strong-willed child” who has multiple meltdowns a day and it has worked pretty great. He just sticks out his hand and she slowly traces each of his fingers breathing in on the up and breathing out on the down. Give it a try if you have a child with big emotions. And good luck, I know how you feel."

Watch how this dad calms his toddler down with a simple yet effective technique. 

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