Destiny plays out in real life for couple who find old pic

Destiny plays out in real life for couple who find old pic

A woman finds a selfie from two years before meeting her husband and her husband was in the photo. 

A woman seated with a man in the background
A woman seated with a man in the background/Instagram Screenshot/@soimjenn

Imagine finding a picture of your husband years after getting married, but the twist of it all is that the picture was from years before you met. 

Sounds like something straight out of a movie, but this was as real as it gets. 

A digital content creator shared a photo that she had found while cleaning up, the photo was of her sitting at what looks like a mall. 

But that wasn't the interesting part, the interesting part was that the guy who was in the background (the photobomber) became her husband years later. 

The photo was taken in late 2012 and they officially met two years later. 

Nine years later they got married. It was all meant to be and the content creator, Jenn, admitted that if they had met then, perhaps their relationship wouldn't have worked out. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

Their story went viral and even a news station picked it up. 

Check them out below sharing how they made this discovery. 

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🧙 this is so weird… our story has been circulating all around the world. It has led us to being interviewed by an American 🇺🇸 news channel

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