Did you know about this airplane hotel in Limpopo?

Did you know about this airplane hotel in Limpopo?

South Africa has a way of always bringing the world to you...

Airplane hotel located in Limpopo
Airplane hotel located in Limpopo/Instagram Screenshot/@wanderwithiana

There is much about our country that still leaves us in awe, and that's over and above the people. 

Have you ever heard of the Aerotel, an aviator-inspired boutique hotel and VIP villa located in Hoedspruit, Limpopo?

The hotel is an actual Boeing 737 and 727 and is the brainchild of Martin den Dunnen and his wife Tracy den Dunnen. Martin, a businessman of Hoedspruit for approximately 23 years, is a pilot and property developer (Zandspruit Estates Pty Ltd) with extensive construction experience. (Aerotel website)

Their dream was to restore dignity to a retired airliner aircraft that generally end up in airport graveyards. 

The cost to stay here is around R3,900 a night for two adults. 

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