Garlic flavoured Coca-Cola on the shelves in the UK

Garlic flavoured Coca-Cola on the shelves in the UK

Hmm, we're not sure what inspired these flavours; perhaps they are for when you use Coca-Cola to roast a chicken.

Flavoured cans of Coca Cola on a shelf
Flavoured cans of Coca Cola on a shelf/Instagram Screenshot/@uksnackattack

Brands are all about expanding. Whether that comes in the form of experimenting with different flavour profiles or trying out new ways of upping their promotions, each business leads best with innovation

Coca-Cola is a beverage known and loved by many people worldwide. So, it surprises us that they would want to experiment, considering they have such great support. 

In the past, we have seen popular flavours like Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, and even Cherry-Vanilla Coke

People's eagerness to try new flavours prompted Coca-Cola to experiment with flavours such as garlic and onion. 

That's a reach.

Watch this content creator show off the cans of flavoured Coca-Cola

Video courtesy of Instagram.

Other flavours on the Coca-Cola website include Georgia Peach and California Raspberry. 

We found a limited-edition Coca-Cola can called Wozzaah Tropical Blaze, which is available on the Makro online store. 

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