Indian engineers print a house from a 3D printer

Indian engineers print a house from a 3D printer

Concrete homes printed out a machine that was created by three graduates who have a passion for 3D laser printing. 

A 3D printed home in India
A 3D printed home in India/Instagram Screenshot/@ontheground.with.sai

Innovation has come to be something of a fashion word. Something that many people aspire to, but don't always achieve. 

But sometimes it takes looking at things from different angles in addressing some of life's truths. 

For these three engineering graduates, it was about taking a big problem that many Indians are facing and trying to find a way to resolve it. 

After three invested Indian graduates decided to put their thinking caps on, they came up with a solution to India's growing problem of homelessness. 

They created India's first 3D printing construction start-up company called, Tvasta. The word 'Tvasta' is actually a Sanskrit word and refers to 'creation'. 

They build concrete 3D printing technology for the construction industry. 

WATCH how it all began when the founders came together to making their business one that helped solve a growing concern in India. 

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We think the idea is exactly what most countries who face poverty need, including South Africa. 

WATCH how they built India's first 3D printed home in just 21 days. 

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