TV personality finds giant spider in his shoe

TV personality finds giant spider in his shoe

"POV: You live in Australia." Enough said...

A large spider inside a shoe
A large spider inside a shoe/TikTok Screenshot/@robertirwin

Robert Irwin is known as a popular television personality, wildlife photographer, conservationist, and wildlife warrior. No one can say that he is not a fan of wildlife. 

But it seems that all his exposure to the beautiful wildlife has brought the wildlife to him. 

In a video he posted to TikTok last month, he showed us what it's like living in Australia. 

It seems as the weather changes in parts of Australia, the heat doesn't only bring out the snakes, but the spiders too. 

Irwin posted a video telling people what he discovered when he went to put on his shoes

Given the Irwin family's history, we can safely say that Robert is not at all afraid of a small (albeit large spider) and he proved that when he laughed at the spider that went deeper into his shoe. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok


POV: You live in Australia.

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Check out an interview he did a few months ago revealing the animal he most fears...

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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