When the tattoo is wrong on all kinds of levels

When the tattoo is wrong on all kinds of levels

There's no going back from this one...

A tattoo artist tattooing someone
A tattoo artist tattooing someone/Pexels/@Anderson Cavalera

We have seen some wild shows on television, from groups of men and women trying to find love to the craziest tattoos. 

MTV's 'Just Tattoo Of Us' is a show in the United Kingdom that tests relationships of all kinds by asking people to design tattoos for each other. 

And whilst we love tattoos, we have said before they aren't for everyone. What's more is that getting a tattoo shouldn't be something you take lightly. 

After all, it is a permanent reminder of something or someone. 

This show asks pairs of friends, family members, and couples to design tattoos for each other. 

And, of course, it is extreme in nature. 

We came across a short clip from one of the episodes recently where a boyfriend did the unthinkable. He designed a tattoo that was absolutely vile and it was placed on his girlfriend's leg. 

The tattoo is of an unflushed toilet and is quite graphic. 

The girlfriend ends up in tears when she sees it and later reveals why he could've designed this for her...

Watch the snippet below, courtesy of TikTok.

@mtvuk Replying to @Sadness Would you ever forgive your partner for this? 😱 #JustTattooOfUs #ToiletTattoo #CharlotteCrosby #tattoo ♬ original sound - mtvuk


We think that was taking it too far. A sure-fire way of ending the relationship. 

On that note, with people's need for toxic drama, we doubt that this show will end anytime soon. 

Unlike the recent cancellation of The Weekend's 'The Idol', which was dropped by HBO. 

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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