A true 'Swiftie' dances through her labour pain

A true 'Swiftie' dances through her labour pain

An avid Taylor Swift fan who was 38 weeks pregnant started having labour contractions during Swift's Era Tour in Australia, but she wouldn't miss out on her fan girl moment. 

A pregnant woman at the Taylor Swift Era's concert
A pregnant woman at the Taylor Swift Era's concert/TikTok Screenshot/@jenngutierrez13

“Imagine standing for three hours with a bowling ball between your legs..." - Jenn Gutierrez.

There is being a fan, and then there's being a 'Swiftie'. 

"Swiftie" is a term used to describe a dedicated and passionate fan of the singer-songwriter Taylor Swift

"Swifties can be found across various age groups, and their dedication to Taylor Swift often goes beyond simply enjoying her music. They may follow her career closely, attend concerts, engage with her on social media, and participate in fan discussions and events." (Later)

Jenn Gutierrez, an avid Taylor Swift fan, was excited when her husband and twin sister (also a Swiftie) got tickets to the Taylor Swift Era's Tour in Melbourne, Australia

Jenn got approval from her doctors to fly from Canberra to Melbourne for the concert, travelling over 660km. 

Naturally, she was excited to be there, but it seemed the baby was too. Halfway through the concert, she began contracting, and instead of rushing to the hospital, this mama danced through the pain. 

“I thought ‘I’m not going anywhere. If this baby comes, she is coming out now." (New York Post)

Watch how she sang her way through the pain from the contractions. 

Video courtesy of TikTok

@jenngutierrez13 When you have your first contraction at the Eras Tour and you’re 8 hours away from home #tserastour2023 #erastour ♬ original sound - Jenn Gutierrez

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