"Kitchen is closed!" Mom sets the rules in the house

"Kitchen is closed!" Mom sets the rules in the house

We love this, it is absolutely on point. 

Woman taking her apron off in the kitchen
Woman taking her apron off in the kitchen/TikTok Screenshot/@keemokazi

We're not certain how all families work when it comes to sharing the chores in the home, but we do know that sometimes it can become strenuous for one parent to do everything. 

Preparing meals for the whole family can become tiresome and sometimes make you feel like all you are doing is preparing meals. 

One mom's rule of thumb seems like something we would like all moms (or dads) to practice. 

Far too often, as mothers, we feel the need to prepare food for the family based on their desires and we never take the time we need for ourselves. 

This mother has a sign above her stove top that says, 'Kitchen Open'. When she is done cooking a meal, she turns the sign over and announces that the kitchen is closed. 

She also says some other stuff, but we're don't recommend you do that...

Watch what she does below, please be warned that this video contains language that may upset sensitive viewers. 

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She’s like a mean school lunch lady 😂

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