Lindt ice-cream has Mzansi drooling

Lindt ice-cream has Mzansi drooling

It seems South Africans are undercover chocoholics...

A person holding Lindt Ice cream cone
A person holding Lindt Ice cream cone/TikTok Screenshot/@missj_03

Chocolate and ice-cream are two of everyone's favourite cheat treats. 

And as we approach the summer months, there is nothing better than merging the two. 

What better way to celebrate these decadent favourites than by relying on the experts to provide us with our cravings?

We know and love Lindt for the amazing quality of chocolate that it offers us, but now they have completely knocked South Africans off their feet with their in-store ice-cream. 

With the chocolate market in South Africa marked to grow, we can firmly say that the majority of South Africans enjoy their chocolate. 

But, to be fair, the Lindt stores offering ice-cream do have more than one flavour. 

And why wouldn't they? Especially considering we're all not vanilla...

In saying that, we were pleasantly surprised to see that many people went goo-goo over the ice-cream. 

TikToker, Janita, a teacher from Johannesburg, decided to share her treat and it melted the hearts of many. She shared how she visited the Lindt store in Cresta and how they finally had Lindt ice-cream. 

Obviously, she is a fan and we cannot say we blame her. The way the ice-cream just oozed richness, it was sure to be a decadent treat. 


Even though many people were in love, some also joked about how much it must've cost. 

With many overestimating the cost, as the ice-cream retails at around R54. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@missj_03 📍Cresta Lindt store. 😍😍😍😍 #foodtok #tiktoksouthafrica #tiktokfood #lindticecream #teachertok. @Lindt Home of Chocolate ♬ Taste - Tyga

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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