Mom addresses the #EggChallenge on TikTok in a mindful way

Mom addresses the #EggChallenge on TikTok in a mindful way

She takes the time to address how the challenge has been centred around getting views. 

Kid cracking egg on mother's forehead
Kid cracking egg on mother's forehead/TikTok Screenshot/@niky.mamamd

We have seen many parents participating in the #EggChallenge on TikTok. As much as it may seem funny at first for some, it is actually quite sad to see the little babies' reactions. 

Cracking an egg on an adult's forehead is painful enough, but doing it on a child's forehead is not only painful, but totally confusing to them. 

In their minds it could be associated with hitting and we cannot say we blame them. 

One mother who also happens to be a Paediatrician was asked to comment on the challenge. 

And she addressed this by attempting to do it with her own kids. But not in the manner that the other parents did it, instead she asked her kids to do it to her because she gave them permission. 

Even though she did give them permission, they were still hesitant. Surprisingly, her youngest was not comfortable doing it at all. This showed that he knew on some level it wasn't ideal. 

Watch what she did and how it displayed such a valid point about parenting. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@niky.mamamd Replying to @leftistinflorida I think the whole thing is ridiculous but if there is one way to do it, this would be the way while respecting everyone’s decision to either allow or not allow for the egg to be cracked on their head. But respecting kids and not making them cry unfortunately does not make for viral video content which is more important to some people. #pediatrician #funmom #respectyourkids #eggchallenge ♬ Happiness - 冯强强


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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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