TikTok mom: How to reduce meltdowns in toddlers

TikTok mom: How to reduce meltdowns in toddlers

Warning: After your kid turns one, they realise they have independence, which can sometimes (all the time) result in a tantrum...

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We know that it is impossible to always get it right when your kids have a tantrum. 

Sometimes their inability to process their emotions in a subtle way causes you to also feel overwhelmed and causes a less than positive reaction. 

But with practice, anything and everything is possible. 

One mom put it perfectly when she shared her three tips on how to handle toddler meltdowns. 

She is a first-time mom but shares her learnings on TikTok. It is most definitely inspiring to see her share simple and relative tips. 

Her first tip, which we think we all needed to hear, speaks to the fact that we shouldn't just abruptly interrupt them from something. So, for instance, if they are watching TV and it's time for lunch or a diaper change, give them a chance to finish an episode and make sure they acknowledge that the TV is going off. 

Her second tip sheds light on the fact that you can turn anything into a game. 

She has tried this in the middle of several tantrums and it takes her child's mind off what made him upset and redirects him. 

And, three, she offers up options to her kid. If you only give your kid yes or no options, they are definitely going to say no, after all, no is their favourite word at some point (but perhaps they just mirror us at times...).


Check her explaining some examples below, courtesy of TikTok

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