Monday Motivation: Toddler doing the 'Casper Slide' has us on the dance floor

Monday Motivation: Toddler doing the 'Casper Slide' has us on the dance floor

Little girl from Mzansi has people feeling nostalgic about popular dance 'Casper Slide'. After gaining lots of views, she did a family video dancing and nailing the move.

Little girl in yellow dress dancing
Little girl in yellow dress dancing/TikTok Screenshot/@tshediso_summer

We are always in the mood to celebrate young talent - and this young girl has us wanting to jump up and dance into the week. 

Her dad has her all over TikTok making people smile with her dance moves and her spicy personality. 

She is what we would like to call the 'epitome of entertainment' -  a true performer who has peaked at a young age. 

In the video that grabbed our attention, she is seen joining her dad and another young girl performing the infamous 'Casper Slide'. 

The dance that hit us in the noughties and unified us in some way. This version though is a remixed one and she knows exactly what to do and when to do it. 

This was in fact an appreciation post, to say thank you to TikTokers on hitting five million views. 

Watch their video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@tshediso_summer We’ve since hit 5 million views and today we reached 1million likes 😃🚀 thank you thank you for all the love …. We appreciate it 🥰❤️ stay with us for a million more 🔆🙏🏾#southafricatiktok🇿🇦 #mzansitiktok🇿🇦 #foryou #viral #discovermetiktok #ticktockdad #fypシ #fyp #millionviews #millionlikestiktokers ♬ Original Sound - Unknown

The video was received so well that it is sitting on more than 2.9-million views alone. And people shared our sentiment in the 'feel good' department. 

Check out some of their comments below:

ajmagg: "I love the baby energy. The last part tho..."

nelisiwembatha667: "She's amazing I love watching her." 

Harri_5113: "Too cute. That's it must centre of attraction. Has all the right moves. Def going places." 

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Image Credit: TikTok 

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