Mzansi toddlers show us how love begins at any age...

Mzansi toddlers show us how love begins at any age...

A love story that melted our hearts...

Young boy and girl ride inside kid car
Young boy and girl ride inside kid car/TikTok Screenshot/@tamaramatope

There's nothing quite like watching toddlers interact with one another. 

When they are young, innocent and have the overloading cuteness factor, there's not much more that they need to do to melt our hearts. 

Two toddlers who live in the same apartment building have taught us that love and friendship go hand in hand. 

A compilation video posted by the little boy's mother shows her son and a young girl who is their neighbour, play and connect. 

There's a small age gap which we noticed, the little boy is younger than the girl. 

But that hasn't stopped them from playing with one another and enjoying each other's time. 

WATCH the two of them below on TikTok


♬ Ngiyeza - Lwah Ndlunkulu


The video was received in such a positive way. With many people saying they love this mini love story. 

"I hope they grow up together, even if they don't become couples. Love doesn't know race" 

"the little guy has a better love life than most of us"

"so the young has learnt skills of cuddling. I saw him brushing her at the back."

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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