South Africa, what do you do with your empty Zam-Buk tins?

South Africa, what do you do with your empty Zam-Buk tins?

A question posed on social media has revealed some interesting insights from South Africans who use Zam-Buk...

An empty tin of Zam-buk lying on a wooden surface
An empty tin of Zam-buk lying on a wooden surface/Reddit/@South Africa/WartsG

South Africans live by certain brands regardless of how modern our lifestyles become. 

One of those brands has got to be Zam-Buk. A trusted brand of herbal ointment that has been around for what feels like forever. 

Surprisingly, this brand that we associate with so intensely as South Africans is said to have been originally formulated in the United Kingdom. But the name is said to have originated from our beloved country. 

According to the Dis-Chem website, 'Zam-Buk, the real makoya herbal ointment 60g, is made with eucalyptus oil, camphor, thyme oil and sassafras oil, and is a herbal ointment perfect for a range of skin conditions. Use it to moisturise dry, flaky skin or to soothe scrapes, burns, insect bites, and other minor skin ailments'.

A post on Reddit started an interesting conversation about this well-known ointment. After the poster shared a picture of their empty Zam-Buk container, they asked others what they do with their empty tins. 

The majority of the people shared how they had never seen the bottom of the Zam-Buk tin...

What do you do with these when their empty?
byu/WartsG insouthafrica

Check out some of the comments from the post. 

  • "I'm 37 years old and I've never seen this container empty"
  • "I always lose it before it runs out"
  • "Perhaps you've never had a community zambak in high school that is why"
  • "Same!! I got a small tin from my Gran about 8 years ago and it's not even half yet!"
  • "Exactly. You misplace it before you finish it, you buy another one, find the previous one a month later. Repeat."
  • "You've made it to then end... More than once??? Wow, I get halfway and they will, without fail, will go missing."

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Image Courtesy of Reddit


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