Toddler reprimands her dad and defends her mother

Toddler reprimands her dad and defends her mother

"The police say 'Wee-ou, wee-ou' and they take you..."

A family having a chat at their breakfast table
A family having a chat at their breakfast table/Instagram Screenshot/@zoefamily04

The usual process when parenting consists of parents reprimanding their kids. 

But if you are a parent to a toddler these days, you will know that order no longer exists or perhaps we should say, rarely exists. Their behaviour is abstract just like their art and they rarely keep things inside the lines...

Toddlers have a mind and voice of their own and are more than happy to express themselves. And if you have to be true to yourself you will admit that it is rarely something you can get angry about but merely smile over. 

Check out this video we came across on Instagram that shows a toddler reprimanding her father because she believes he made her mother cry. 

The UNICEF official website declares that "'positive discipline' is key to better mental and physical health and a happy childhood".

Can we assume then that the same applies to parents' mental and physical health?

We agree that when it comes to discipline it can be tricky to adopt a foolproof method that works all the time, but we do know that committing to one is better for the entire family. 

Our kids learn from exposure, so ultimately the way you handle conflict or bad behaviour is how they will approach it. 

It was interesting and absolutely cute to watch the little girl in the video express her understanding of what would happen if her father didn't apologise to her mother. The police would come for him. We guess that's a line they are going to quickly forget when trying to discipline her in the future. 

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