WATCH: Mom asks young girl how much 'adulting' really costs

WATCH: Mom asks young girl how much 'adulting' really costs

Her idea of how much things cost is both cute and scary...

Young black girl with cute hairstyle
Young black girl with cute hairstyle/Instagram Screenshot/@leighton_renee

Our kids seem to know a lot about life, but that doesn't mean they actually know how much it costs to live these days.  

And can we really blame them? It is not their responsibility to worry about the cost of life, well, not when they are still young anyway. But it is important for them to be aware. 

Because knowing the value of money and the cost of living will teach them to have a healthy relationship with money, at least that's what we hope. 

As adults, there are many of us who wish we had known more about the value of money, because it could've been the strong foundation that we needed to manage our money well as adults. 

But not everyone got that opportunity. This is why we love this video of a mom trying to indicate to her young daughter that she may think she wants to be a grown up, but actually it's a lot of work. 

Many younglings are in a rush to grow up, perhaps because they associate being grown up with having control over your life. We've all been there.

Check out how much she thinks it costs to be an adult below, courtesy of Instagram

We thought it quite cute, but also scary. The values are in dollars, so can you imagine a young SA child saying these totals in rands...


The comments were also quite fitting, check some of them out below: 

muvamai26: "If only her answers were accurate! We should def let kids make these money decisions! Except the $200 a day on groceries🥴"

mr_williams_: "Minus her price for groceries, let’s make this girl Chief financial officer of the US. Bc she clearly works for the same ppl that have kept Arizona tea at a dollar throughout all this inflation lol" 

fabul0usness: "she is so pretty but she gone be throwing money away buying $200 worth of groceries daily😂this was so cute" 

staceybrowning15: "She is so darn pretty. Did you end up sharing actual costs with her after?" Mum responded saying: 

"@staceybrowning15 I did, and Leighton thought I was rich when I told her my car was $40k. 😂😂😂"

To which we respond: "Ah, kids, what would we do without them..."

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