Arno Carstens is bringing back Springbok Nude Girls!

Did Arno Carstens just call Barney Simon fat?

The Workzone's Barney Simon caught up with the rockstar and he revealed some very exciting news as well as news that Barney probably didn't want to hear...


Arno Carstens is no stranger to the South African music scene. 

Known as the frontman of the ever popular Springbok Nude Girls, Carstens caught up with Barney Simon and shared the news that the band will be making a comeback.

It's been ten years since the group last released new music and Carstens thinks now is the perfect time for the band to get together and create something new.

He also played a round of 'Quick Fire' with Barney and revealed some interesting 'secrets' you probably never knew about him.

All we can say is that we are very excited about their comeback, especially after the number of hits they have had!

Are you excited about the return of Springbok Nude Girls?

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