Hijack chase caught live on camera

Hijack chase caught live on camera

A private security company chasing down a group of hijackers has been caught on dashcam.

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There have been many videos of attempted hijacking incidents lately. 

With so many videos of drivers being hijacked flooding the internet, what is more satisfying than watching a group of hijackers being caught after a high-speed chase? 

A clip has been uploaded to YouTube showing a private security company stopping a group of hijackers in their tracks. The dramatic footage shows the security company vehicle rushing through the streets of Johannesburg, chasing after the hijackers after committing the crime in Yeoville, Johannesburg.

Published by Anton Koen, the video had the following caption: “A unified team effort by NoJack, Benoni CPF, Afriforum, Sean Stopford , PHP Security and Super COPS Security lead to the apprehension of an armed robber hijacker on (sic) Yeoville.”

This footage looks like something out of 'Need for Speed'. Insane!

Watch the dramatic chase below:

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