Cresta Mall 'mermaid' clears up misinformation

Cresta Mall 'mermaid' clears up misinformation

Nokukhanya the 'mermaid' spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester after the scary moment her tail got snagged on a piece of coral. 

Gabby the mermaid
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A video of a South African 'mermaid' whose tail got stuck while she was displaying her mermaid skills at the Cresta Mall aquarium went viral on social media. 

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A viewer who was close to the tank managed to capture a video of the moment when the mermaid went from tranquil to terrified as she struggled to get the constricting tail off and swim up for air. 

On Thursday, Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Gabriela aka Nokukhanya the 'mermaid' about the scary incident. 

Gabriela told Martin Bester that she went a little lower than she usually does, which led to her tail getting snagged on coral.

"I lost air because of the shock," she said. "Then I had to do a quick release and went up for air. It was something that looks scarier than it is."

According to the entertainer, there are always safety divers and mermaid wranglers around to ensure the safety of the mermaids. They also go through intensive training before they get into a tank. 

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"It is very professional. We train regularly. Not just any person can swim in a tank."

On average, Nokukhanya the 'mermaid' is able to hold her breath for two minutes underwater. 

Gabriela told Martin Bester that mermaiding is all about entertainment and inspiring some magic. 

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