How to survive a triathlon

How to survive a triathlon

JP Nortje and Fritz Pienaar, organisers of The Auto and General Cross Triathlon hosted by Steyn City, came by the studio to give current triathlon trainers, and any prospective triathlon athletes, a few tips and tricks.

JP Nortje and Fritz Pienaar talk all things triathlon and training

Our very own fitness queen Rozanne McKenzie will be taking part in her first-ever triathlon at The Auto and General Cross Triathlon which is hosted by Steyn City.

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We are only mere days away from the big event and Roz has not been holding back with her training:

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Although some days have been more difficult than others:

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For motivation and inspiration JP Nortje and Fritz Pienaar, the organisers of the triathlon, dropped by the studio to provide Roz with all the information she need to help her race like she's never raced before.

And if you are participating in the triathlon or you just need that extra bit of motivation to ignite that fitness spark within you then this interview is for you:

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