Influencer sells a tub of spit to a fan for over R4,000

Influencer sells a tub of spit to a fan for over R4,000

Do weird requests come with the content creator territory?

Elle Brooke sells tub of spit to fan for over R4,000
Elle Brooke Official Instagram

Influencers, or content creators as they prefer to be called, don't seem like they have the most difficult life.

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Although we all know what we see on Instagram isn't always an accurate representation of reality, it does seem like the influencers aren't doing too badly.

OnlyFans model, Elle Brooke, is a great example of this.

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In a recent interview with The Taboo Room, the creator revealed that she 'easily' makes £30,000 (around R640,000) in a single month on the OnlyFans platform.

While it may seem like she's living a lavish life, it also appears as though this lucrative source of income has as many pros as it has cons.

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In the interview, she shared some of the strangest requests she has received from some of her followers. From barking like a dog to filling a tub with her spit.

It is important to note that she does not have to fulfill all these requests, but that they can be an additional source of income when she does accept them. She has also mentioned that she doesn't see herself staying on OnlyFans for much longer since she now also has a very successful boxing career and is currently undefeated.

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Brooke also said she's become a bit lazy and doesn't feel like completing all these requests.

You can watch the video below:

To each their own...

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Main image courtesy of Elle Brooke Official Instagram

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