Mother asks police to help identify her twins

Mother asks police to help identify her twins

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Mother of twins forgets which is which and asks police for help

There's no doubt: kids can be a handful.

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Now imagine having two little ones, who are the same age, and you have double the trouble.

One issue that many new identical twin moms and dads have revealed is that they can sometimes struggle to identify their babies.

Most babies look pretty alike for a while, but for twin parents, this might be an issue for quite some time.

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One mom, Sofia Rodriguez from Córdoba, Argentina, recently found herself in a bit of a bind when she couldn't identify her twins and decided she had to do something drastic.

So she considered enlisting her local law enforcement's help.

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In a tweet, which has been translated from Spanish to English, the mom of twins Valentin and Lorenzo said:

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She even explained that her two-month-old twins do look different in photos but in person, they look exactly the same.

Previously, she had used blue ribbon to identify Valentin, but had decided to cut it off as he was growing and now she has this new dilemma on her hands.

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In the end, she took the babies to the police and managed to get the babies' fingerprints done, although it doesn't seem to have helped the situation a lot.

In a follow-up tweet, Rodriguez showed a picture of the print with the caption: "We took his prints but they don't appear in the system. We still don't know who is who."

A few other twin parents decided to help her out by giving her some advice, while also letting her know that it's not the end of the world if she gets confused sometimes:

Luckily, her two kids won't remember a thing and hopefully she'll get a hang of things soon enough.

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