Research company wants to pay you R17,000 to eat cheese

Research company wants to pay you R17,000 to eat cheese

Not to be cheesy but it sounds grate!

Research company paying R17,000 to find out if cheese causes nightmares

We are all about inclusivity, but, unfortunately, to all our lactose-intolerant friends out there, this is not for you.

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If you are reading this and you do love cheese and sleep, then this might just be the dream job for you!

A research company called Sleep Junkie, an affiliate of Amerisleep LLC, is looking for their latest batch of human lab rats as they try and establish whether eating cheese before bed can result in nightmares.

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It might just be an old myth, but someone's got to do the work.


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So what exactly does the job entail? 

According to the job application, the study will last three months, starting in March, and not only will you be receiving multiple free cheeses, but you will also receive $1,000 (approximately R17,400).

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Every week, participants will receive a list of cheeses that should be eaten during that time, which will be compiled by the sleep experts. Cheeses will include: lactose-free cheese, vegan cheese, processed, blue, hard, soft and everything in between.

Before bed, participants will have to consume the cheese, have a full night's sleep, and the next morning they have to write about their dreams, nightmares, and the overall quality of their sleep.

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The requirements to become a 'dairy dreamer' include: owning a fitness tracker/smartwatch, sleeping alone, keeping a consistent sleep schedule, and being over 21-years-old.

We've seen more complicated job applications and this sounds like a gouda time!

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