VIDEO: Robbery victim chases down cellphone snatcher

VIDEO: Robbery victim chases down cellphone snatcher

There was only a small window to decide: Fight or flight?

VIDEO: Robbery victim chases down cellphone snatcher

When one ends up in an unfortunate situation like a hijacking or robbery, it doesn't always feel like there is a lot for the victim to do.

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Victims don't always know how dangerous a situation is and there is a lot of conflicting advice that is given for when you do find yourself in these situations.

Do you fight back? Do you not resist and let the criminals take what they want? Do you scream or keep quiet?

One driver recently decided that she was not going to let the robbers get away with what they had done, and very dramatically took matters into her own hands.

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In a video that has been posted and shared on social media, the driver of a Toyota Tazz can be seen stopping at a boom gate.

The CCTV footage shows that while waiting her turn to drive out, two robbers approach the car and they can be seen running away with her bag.

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Most people would probably feel defeated and try to deal with what just happened, but this driver was not letting these men get away.

The footage then shows how the driver crashes through the boom gate, all the while chasing the robber.

You won't believe what happens next: 

The incident reportedly happened in Durban and the 43-year-old woman recovered her temporarily stolen handbag.

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