VIDEO: Teacher has class wear anti-cheating hats during tests

VIDEO: Teacher has class wear anti-cheating hats during tests

What a creative and innovative idea to combat this problem!

VIDEO: Teacher has class wear anti-cheating hats during tests

It might be hard to accept, but sometimes students can be tempted into being dishonest.

Especially if they are under pressure or for various other reasons.

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There are many smart ways students have been trying to get away with cheating, with them getting more creative every year.

But what they might not expect is that teachers are also getting creative with their anti-cheating protocol.

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One teacher has really thought outside the box and introduced hats into his classroom.

They aren't just any hats.

Angelo E. Ebora is a licensed agriculturist, and according to Buzzfeed, he is currently a guest lecturer at the Lobo Campus, Batangas State University in the Philippines. 

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Ebora has gone viral on TikTok after he shared a video showing some of his students taking a rest while wearing their one-of-a-kind anti-cheating hats:


Anti-Cheating Hat 🫣🤣

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Ebora does say that anti-cheating headwear is nothing new, but his approach is a bit different.

He has incorporated the creation of these hats into his agriculture course and tries to encourage students to make their own hats with the hopes that it will inspire creativity.

Wearing the hat is entirely optional, but it seems that almost all students choose to wear them.

Ebora also says it eases the tension in the room a bit before an exam and he is proud of the students and their hats.

He can definitely give himself a pat on the back for this inspiring and creatively brilliant idea!

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