How many sheep can fit in the back of a Toyota Tazz?

How many sheep can fit in the back of a Toyota Tazz?

Two suspects have been arrested after Eastern Cape police found them illegally transporting livestock. 

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What is there to do for fun in a small farming town?

Truthfully, not a lot. But if you want to challenge yourself to make a good time out of a dull situation, maybe you can take some advice from the two daredevils who stuffed six live sheep into the back of their hatchback. 

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Police in Cathcart in the Eastern Cape were astounded when they stopped a Toyota Tazz that was overloaded and found that the extra passengers were indeed live sheep.

The two suspects were arrested on the spot and will appear in the Cathcart Magistrate Court on charges of stock theft.

The suspects may not have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the police, but driving around town with live sheep in your backseat is definitely a lasting memory that will make a great story to tell the grandchildren one day. 

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