WATCH: Michelle Botes goes viral again for her performance in 'Legacy'

WATCH: Michelle Botes goes viral again for her performance in 'Legacy'

Michelle Botes is a true icon! 

Michelle Botes
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'Angelique Price', played by the legendary actress Michelle Botes in the M-Net telenovela, 'Legacy', has everyone talking after the latest episode of the show. 

'Legacy' is a classy, first-of-its-kind South African telenovela set in the fast-lane world of investment billionaires. At heart, it is a story about a family at war with itself.

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'Angelique Price', who is the matriarch of the Price family, is currently being stalked by her old friend, 'Mike' (Russel Savadier).

'Mike' was fired from the company, Legacy Investments, after he sexually harassed 'Petra Potgieter' (Trix Vivier) at work. 

Vivier said that she knew she had to be very delicate in her execution of this part of 'Petra'’s story because “I am telling my own story to a certain degree because I've experienced it but I am also telling millions of other women's stories who have experienced the same thing in various degrees who have responded in various ways and many will carry that experience with them for the rest of their lives.” 

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After 'Angelique' confronted her old friend and fired him from the company, 'Mike' took his revenge. 

At first, the family thought that it might be her colleague 'Mzizi Zulu' (Siyabonga Thwala) stalking her after she publicly announced his affair with the CEO of Legacy Investments, 'Dineo Price' (Kgomotso Christopher). 

When she found out that it is not 'Mzizi' stalking her, she had a total panic attack and breakdown. On Wednesday night's episode, 'Mike' confronted 'Angelique' and confessed to being the stalker and it all came to a very dramatic end.

"He's done. He's not coming back." 

WARNING: Not for sensitive viewers

Watch the moment below: 

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