You've never heard Mariah Carey sing quite like this before

You've never heard Mariah Carey sing quite like this before

Cape Town Youtube content creator Devanish Hendricks has brought a bit of comic relief into people's lives with his parody music video of Mariah Carey's hit song, 'I Can't Live'. 

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We all have that one family member who believes strongly that they missed their calling to be a superstar. Whether it is at family braais or every Sunday at church, there will be that one person who wants to prove that they can sing just as well as any diva out there - and they will probably embarrass themselves in the process. 

Cape Town musician Devanish Hendricks knows this, and he has used the stories of these family characters to create a few hilarious parody videos online. 

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His latest, a re-imagining of Mariah Carey's 'I Can't Live', has become very popular. The characters that Devanish portrays and the church organ used in the remix of the pop icon's hit are just the right ingredients for comic relief. 

The chipmunk autotune and the twisting of the familiar phrase from "I can't live" to "I Ken Lee" immediately remind you of those very bad, very funny Idols auditions. 

Devanish tells IOL that he rotates between six characters in his videos, and each of them is "styled" with clothing from his partner's wardrobe. 

Devanish posts videos under the name "The Funny Dev", and says the great feedback he has received from people who have seen his videos has encouraged him to set his sights on one day hosting a TV show. 

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