Groom secretly take Hindi lessons to deliver his wedding speech in bride's dialect

Groom secretly take Hindi lessons to deliver his wedding speech in bride's dialect

This is proof that fusion in all senses is possible...

Bride and groom lean into one another for a kiss
Bride and groom lean into one another for a kiss/TikTok Screenshot/@tiwariyoga

Fusion weddings are all the trend now and we have to say that we are all for it. 

What an awesome way of being inclusive in your mixed backgrounds. It not only shows respect for your partner and their heritage but also ticks the inconceivable, ever-governing 'keeping the in-laws' happy box. 

It is for this very reason that we feel super proud that this fusion wedding made the headlines when the groom did something super special. 

Scottish born Alastair Spray, a 28-year-old researcher thought of doing something special for his bride, Angie Tiwari, a sales director and yoga teacher. 

The couple planned their Scottish-Indian wedding in June, and had an official wedding ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral in London. This is quite a prestigious place to host a wedding as only select couples are given the privilege. 

It seems Spray's father holds a "Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), an honour awarded by the Queen." (Business Insider) This allowed them to host their wedding at the venue, however this is just one element to their multiple events and ritual wedding. 

"Spray told Insider that he typically enjoys public speaking, but he struggled to think of a meaningful idea or a funny format for his wedding speech. An idea later presented itself when he decided to brush up on Hindi." 

Since Angie speaks Hindi and has taught him a few phrases but he knew that at some point it was important for him to learn the dialect. Especially because at some point their kids would learn the language. 

After starting to learn via language learning app Duolingo, he struggled and then went on to find an online tutor in India. 

"The seven-minute speech, Spray said, mostly focused on his love for Tiwari and how welcoming her family had been. He added that the speech also included some jokes and touched on how beautiful Hindi is as a language." (Business Insider)

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The cutest part of him sharing the speech surprise was when Angie shared that she was hit with emotion when she heard him delivering his speech in Hindi. 

"She noted that Spray is often full of romantic gestures but this one was especially impactful: "Tears were just streaming and streaming. It was the most out of a movie, old-school romantic thing ever but it's also very Alastair."

She added: "It showed such a dedication to our relationship, to our love, to our future life together, and my culture." (Business Insider)

We love this kind of love, hope to see more from them in the future...

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