NYPD's 'Haunted Subway' is traumatising kids

NYPD's 'Haunted Subway' is traumatising kids

Halloween is just around the corner and buildings in the US are becoming 'haunted'.

Kid cries at Halloween display
Child terrified at 'haunted substation'/NY Post

A lot of kids are excited for Halloween. Some have already picked out their costumes, but nothing ever prepares you for 'half burned people', zombies, and the like - especially when they look so real.

The NYPD set up their “Haunted Subway” attraction at the Union Square subway stop and based on the footage, it looks like this haunted house is a bit too much for the little ones. 

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Video footage from the opening night shows a man dressed up as Pennywise from 'It', a transit worker in uniform with half his face chewed off and with blood everywhere! The sight from the video itself is terrifying, we can't imagine what it's like in real life?!

Parents and officers had to console horrified kids who came out crying out of fear and shock. 

Reports by the NY post say some of the kids weren't as terrified and seemed to enjoy the experience. 

“This is not a terrifying, horrifying experience but for a child, it could be scary,” NYPD Sgt. Carlos Nieves told The Post, adding that kids are warned beforehand. “Most kids were really into it and came out laughing.”

Watch the video below: 

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