Clever mom uses kids' toys to catch snake
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Clever mom uses kids' toys to catch snake

A Thai mother-of-two used the only tools she had at her disposal to get rid of a python that had invaded her home. 

thai mom catches snake
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What do you do if there's a python clinging onto the front gate of your home and you don't have a broom to chase it away with? You get hands-on: you grab some gloves, grab the snake with both hands, and throw it out. If the gloves you find happen to be part of a kids' Incredible Hulk costume, even better: your family will get a laugh out of watching you navigate what could become a very dangerous situation. 

When Supaphorn Onchum noticed a python trying to get into her home in Bangkok, Thailand, she sprang into action. Realising that she would have to touch the snake in order to bundle it out of her home, the mother-of-two grabbed the nearest gloves she could find and got to work. 

With the oversized green Incredible Hulk gloves on, Onchum approaches the snake and manages to untangle it from the gate. Once she has it in her hands she hesitates, not knowing what the next step in the snake extraction process should be. She then decides the best way to get the snake out of her home is to bundle it up in a plastic bag and throw it away. 

No one was prouder of Onchum's innovative techniques than her husband, Atrat. Describing the incident, he said: "My wife's very patient, she crept up on the snake quietly and caught it. I was very impressed."

He showed that he has complete confidence in his wife's ability to protect the family from stray serpents by adding: "Snakes are clever, but not as clever as my wife."

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