Knock knock: 'Dead' woman wakes up in coffin during wake

Knock knock: 'Dead' woman wakes up in coffin during wake

This is now at the top of our worst fears list!


Would you rather wake up in a coffin or be in the room when someone supposedly dead wakes up in a coffin?

There's a good chance that you would say, "Neither, thank you very much!"

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Recently in Ecuador, one woman and her family got the shock of their lives when the 76-year-old 'dead' woman woke up in her coffin during the wake.

According to The Guardian, her son, Gilberto Barbera, told Associated Press that the knocking from inside the coffin gave them all a fright... and rightfully so.

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Bella Montoya was admitted to hospital when she suffered a stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest, and at the hospital did not respond to resuscitation efforts before being declared dead.

You can watch the video to learn more:

@10newsfirst An Ecuadorian woman has risen from the 'dead' after almost being buried alive. Shocking video footage shows the moment 76-year-old Bella Montoya was rescued from her coffin, after being stuck inside for over four hours. The woman was declared deceased after suffering a stroke in hospital and taken to a local funeral home for preparations. #BuriedAlive #Ecuador #BellaMontoya #Coffin #10NewsFirst ♬ original sound - 10newsfirst

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Talking of the incident, her son gave his account:

Montoya was promptly rushed back to hospital where her prognosis is still unknown.

The health ministry has since launched a government investigation to determine how this could have happened.

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